Monday, February 10, 2014

Everlasting Bouquets

I was thinking about why I love porcelain flowers and feel the need to make them. Then I remembered a profound encounter I had with them. Back in the 80's I spent a month traveling in France with a native and got well off the beaten path. On those wanderings we came across numerous old cemetaries that were so beautiful because the graves and headstones were decorated with porcelain floral arrangements: wreaths, crosses, bouquets, and smaller individual blossoms. Part of their beauty was the weathering, mold, dirt and chips, that made them meld into the setting. I like that they were used. Sometimes we get too precious about our porcelain. Antiques Roadshow re-enforces to the public the devaluation of a piece because it has damage. Well, if it's damaged, it's because someone loved it and used it. So here's to loving and using our porcelain creations. Let the chips fall where they may! Enjoy the photos below of Everlasting Bouquets.

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